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Welcome to Sportive Tricks Strength and Conditioning – Where you can have the chance to be trained by world champion powerlifters Jason Swalwell and Helen Redhead regardless of your goal. If you've been searching for a "Personal Trainer in Tonbridge", you've come to the right place. We are personal trainers with a difference.

We specialize in Personal Training, Weight Loss Coaching, Strength Training, Online Powerlifting Coaching, and Older Adult Fitness. Whether you're a gym rookie or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, our expert trainers will help you become stronger and fitter.

Our approach is unique. You will receive one-to-one training tailored to your needs at Sportive Tricks. You'll train in our private gym under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced trainers dedicated to pushing you beyond your limits while prioritizing safety and correct technique.

PTs Jason Swalwell & Helen Redhead

Are you looking to compete or simply interested in powerlifting? Jason and Helen hold multiple World Powerlifting titles, so their knowledge and expertise are second to none. Our Online Powerlifting Coaching program caters to clients all over the world. You only need internet access to improve your form, strength, and performance today!

Strength Training is at the core of what we do. Our experts utilize progressive techniques to help you reach new heights in your physical capabilities.

Are you embarking on a weight loss journey? Our Weight Loss Coaching program is designed to help you achieve sustainable results through healthy lifestyle modifications, Not as a temporary fix but as a lasting change.

Injury Rehab? We've got you covered. Our trainers are experienced in rehabilitating various physical injuries. We will work with you to ensure a safe and efficient recovery. We also cater to older adults, offering fitness programs to improve balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength. It's always possible to start! Ready to kickstart your journey with us at Sportive Tricks Strength and Conditioning? Join us today and redefine your limits. Contact us today and discover why we're the top choice for "Personal Training in Tonbridge", offering unmatched service in a "Private Gym" setting.

Our Exclusive Private Gym

Training at our private gym, Sportive Tricks in Tonbridge, transforms your fitness journey into an exclusive and impactful experience. Unlike conventional gym settings, our private facility offers a unique environment where you won't have to jostle for equipment or feel overlooked in a crowded space. Here, you'll engage in personal training sessions guided by our elite trainers, Jason and Helen, within a setting entirely dedicated to your fitness regimen. This tailored approach ensures each session is both efficient and effective, maximizing your workout results.

The privacy offered by our gym is a key benefit. It addresses the common issue of 'gym anxiety' that many individuals face in public gyms. This aspect is particularly advantageous for fitness beginners or those returning after a hiatus. In our gym, you can exercise without feeling self-conscious or burdened by external pressures. This controlled, private setting is also optimal for focused injury rehabilitation and specialized training programs. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength building, or overall fitness, our personal training in this private gym environment caters to your specific needs, offering a level of attention and customization that is hard to find elsewhere.

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Strength and Conditioning Services

Personal Training at our private gym

Personal Training

Personal trainers based in Tonbridge, Kent. Personal training with us, is a personalized, all-encompassing journey. Our expert trainers provide you with indispensable fitness knowledge, ongoing support, and tailor-made programs aligned with your unique goals.

Online Personal Training | Strength Coaching | Nutrition Coaching

Online Training

With our online coaching, you receive the same thoughtful planning and personalisation as in face-to-face sessions, but from the convenience of your chosen location. Despite the physical distance, our commitment to your fitness goals remains just as strong. The perfect solution when you can't be there.

General Strength and Conditioning Training


No matter your sport, enhancing strength boosts performance and curbs injury risk. With extensive experience across diverse sports, we're well-positioned to assist. Elevate your game and safeguard your health with our expert guidance. See how we can make the difference in your athletic journey.

Powerlifting - Helen Redhead Benching at the Liverpool Qualifier 2022


Whether you're gearing up for your first competition, a seasoned pro, or just training to achieve peak strength, we've got you covered. We offer flexible options from one-on-one coaching, a blend of in-person and online training, to fully online programs, catering to your unique powerlifting goals.

Strength, Mobility and Fitness for Older Adults

Older Adults

Welcome to our Strength Training For Older Adults program, where we provide bespoke personal training services to individuals over 60. Our safe and effective training promotes better balance, coordination, and mobility, while fostering confidence and enhancing life quality. Join our supportive community today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will always be the only one being trained, so there will just be you and either Jason or Helen and Penny the dog who often sits in sessions.
Normally 1 hour , if you have different requirements just discuss this with Jason or Helen when you do your consultation.
Yes, both Helen and Jason are qualified NASM Sports Nutrition Coaches, so we can help you with any nutrition questions you may have.
Whatever you need! During the initial consultation, we will discuss what your goals are, and we will devise a custom plan to help you achieve the targets we set.
Take a look at this page! The Gym
Head Coach: Jason Jason
Coach: Helen Helen
Yes, whether you have a gym membership or workout at home, we can provide you with a program to push you to the next level.
We are very flexible with timings for sessions, we will try our bst to fit around times that suit you. We can accomodate any day of the week and timings from 06:00 - 21:00.