What is Online Powerlifting Coaching?

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Powerlifting Coach?

Hiring a powerlifting coach can provide personalized training programs, form correction, motivation, accountability, and injury prevention. Coaches offer expertise in technique refinement and program design to help you reach your powerlifting goals efficiently and safely.

Helen and Jason at WPC World Championships

At Sportive Tricks, we, Jason and Helen, are certified coaches and world champions, british champions and multi record holders. powerlifters,bringing our unparalleled expertise to online powerlifting coaching. Our approach powerlifting merges our in-depth knowledge of powerlifting with cutting-edge technology, offering bespoke workout and nutrition plans designed for accessibility regardless of location.

Jasonand Helen, who are world class powerlifters for Team GB, collaborate to deliver personalized online coaching services by integrating their training expertise and technology. They use a range of digital resources such as email, specialized apps, and video conferencing to offer tailored workout and nutrition plans suitable for individuals worldwide. Drawing from their championship backgrounds, they provide guidance and strategies to enhance athletic performance. Clients benefit from a full range of benefits from customized programs tailored to their goals and capabilities, overseen by experienced strength coaches to ensure effectiveness and individualization.

The Key Components of Online Powerliting Coaching

Bespoke Program

At Sportive Tricks, our commitment extends beyond just your current training sessions. We focus on ...
Meet Day Coaching
Meet Day Coaching

Elevate your training with Sportive Tricks. Our coaching goes beyond the fundamentals, focusing on k...
Nutrition Plans
Nutrition Plans

Recognizing that peak performance in powerlifting isn't just about gym work, but also about what ha...
Dedicated App
Dedicated App

Take your training with you wherever you go with Sportive Tricks' custom mobile app. Designed for c...
Technique Coaching
Technique Coaching

Our coaching at Sportive Tricks strongly focuses on the importance of technique. We conduct detaile...

We understand the value of continuous support in your powerlifting journey. To ensure you're always...

What is the Process?


When you sign up, we present you with a detailed questionnaire. This questionnaire is crucial for us to gain an in-depth understanding of your objectives, situation, and preferences. With this vital data, we are equipped to design a personalized coaching plan that's uniquely suited to your needs.

Intro Call With Your Powerlifting Coach

This talk lets us connect, know your goals, and discuss your situation. We will talk about what you want, answer your queries, and set the base for working together. It helps us understand each other and make sure we are on the same page for your goals.

Custom Program

Discover the impact of a custom-made program that accounts for your individual objectives, preferences, and situation. Real achievement stems from customizing each element of your fitness regimen to meet your particular requirements and aspirations. Our skilled coaches are dedicated to collaborating closely with you, utilizing their expertise to craft a strategy that enhances your likelihood of attaining the outcomes you seek, including the number of reps and sets that are tailored to your specific needs that target effective training.

Nutrition Plan*

We recognize that everyone is distinct, and a universal solution to nutrition doesn't exist. By conducting thorough consultations and evaluations, we collect crucial information about your objectives, food preferences, unique dietary needs, and lifestyle elements. Utilizing this extensive insight, our coaches will develop a tailored nutrition strategy that matches your objectives and bolsters your powerlifting progress.

Video Analysis* For Your Squat / Bench / Deadlift

Through our weekly video analysis service, you have the ease of recording your training sessions and sending the videos to us for review. Our skilled team will meticulously assess your technique, offering in-depth feedback and advice to assist in honing and enhancing your form. We'll pinpoint aspects that need modification, advise on correct body positioning, and give targeted cues to boost your performance.

Monthly Checkin*

In this check-in session, you'll get the chance to engage with your coach in a comprehensive conversation about your training, objectives, challenges, and other relevant issues. This allocated time enables us to evaluate your advancement, tackle any issues, and implement required changes to your training plan.

Ongoing Support

Our WhatsApp support allows you to reach out to your coach for any queries, worries, or news about your training, nutrition, or overall fitness regimen. We focus on quick replies and aim to deliver a response within 24 hours.

*available on Hybrid and Online packages

Sportive Tricks Custom Powerlifting App


Experience the unparalleled support of our Sportive Tricks Powerlifting App, a cornerstone in online powerlifting coaching. Crafted with the expertise of top-tier strength, conditioning, and sports nutrition coaches, this app is not just a tool—it's your steadfast ally in your powerlifting journey. It's intricately designed to cater to the unique demands of powerlifting, offering tailored online powerlifting training plans, specialized nutritional strategies for strength athletes, and dynamic progress tracking to suit your evolving powerlifting needs. Ideal for both beginners taking their first steps in powerlifting and seasoned lifters aiming to break new records, our app provides a focused and holistic approach to online powerlifting coaching, blending advanced technology with deep expertise to make your path to powerlifting excellence both practical and rewarding.


  • Expert Insight:The app was made by top fitness coaches, powerlifting pros, and nutrition experts in England. It's the best powerlifting guidance available.
  • Tailored Training: Our app tailors your training to match your unique goals, ensuring that your workout and nutrition plans align perfectly with achieving powerlifting excellence, recognizing the individuality of each journey.
  • Focused Efficiency: With our app, attain your goals with precision. It evolves with you, guaranteeing you always have the most effective path in your online training.
  • Specialized Approach: Catering to online and in-person training preferences, our app delivers a comprehensive solution to address all aspects of powerlifting, from technique refinement to strength building and nutritional optimization.



£50/ Mo.

Full Bespoke
  • Bespoke Ongoing Program
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Coaching App

Only£100/ Mo.

Full Coaching
  • Bespoke Ongoing Program
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Coaching App
  • Monthly Check-in Call
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Competition Coaching
  • Goal Setting

£150/ Mo.

  • 1HR Coaching Session /Mo.
  • Bespoke Ongoing Program
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Coaching App
  • Monthly Check-in Call
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Competition Coaching
  • Goal Setting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online powerlifting coaching is a service where a coach provides training and guidance remotely to individuals interested in powerlifting. This typically includes customized workout programs, nutritional advice, technique analysis through video feedback, and regular check-ins for progress tracking and motivation.
While in-person coaching offers real-time feedback and hands-on instruction, online coaching provides flexibility and convenience. It allows individuals to train on their schedule and still receive professional guidance. Online coaching relies heavily on communication tools like email, video calls, and training apps.
When searching for an online powerlifting coach, it's crucial to consider coaches with formal qualifications and extensive practical experience. Jason and Helen are qualified strength and conditioning coaches who have competed internationally, bringing a wealth of knowledge. As multiple world champions in powerlifting, we possess a unique understanding of what it takes to succeed in the sport at the highest levels. This combination of formal education in strength and conditioning and real-world competitive achievements ensures that your coach deeply understands effective training methodologies, competition preparation, and the mental aspects of powerlifting. Having a coach with such a background can be invaluable in guiding you towards your own powerlifting goals.
Absolutely. Beginners can greatly benefit from the structured training, technique guidance, and motivational support offered online powerlifting coaches Jason and Helen. It helps in laying a solid foundation in powerlifting while minimizing the risk of injury due to incorrect form.
Training programs are tailored based on your fitness level, goals, available equipment, and schedule. We will assess your initial capabilities through questionnaires or video analysis and then create a program that evolves as you progress.
At a bare minimum, you will need access to a Squat Rack, Bench and somewhere to Deadlift. Most commercial gyms will have this, but as you progress, you may find it necessary to find a more specialised gym.
Progress in online powerlifting coaching is tracked through a combination of methods, including a dedicated app. This app allows for easy logging of workouts, tracking personal records, and monitoring overall progress. In addition to app-based tracking, regular check-ins with your coach are crucial. These may involve submitting videos of your lifts for technique analysis, sharing training logs, and discussing any challenges or adjustments needed in your program. Integrating app-based tracking with personal communication ensures a comprehensive monitoring of your development.
We have coached people from novice to world champions; results depend on individual goals, effort, and adherence to the program. Expected outcomes include increased strength, improved lifting technique, a better understanding of powerlifting principles, and, for competitive lifters, improved performance in competitions. Remember, the key to success in online powerlifting coaching lies in open communication with your coach and consistency in your training and nutrition.

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