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Welcome to Sportive Tricks, the premier destination for personal training in Tonbridge, Kent, where you’ll meet Jason Swalwell and Helen Redhead, your dedicated personal trainers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. Our approach at Sportive Tricks is tailored and personal, offering an exclusive training experience in our private gym. This setting ensures that your fitness journey is our primary focus, allowing you to train without the typical anxieties associated with more extensive, crowded gym facilities.

Jason and Helen are more than just personal trainers; they are elite-level powerlifters with a string of world titles. Their expertise isn’t limited to competitive powerlifting. As personal trainers specializing in sports nutrition, injury rehabilitation, weight loss, and coaching older populations, they bring a holistic and comprehensive approach to your fitness regime. Their diverse skills ensure that your personal training experience in Tonbridge, Kent, addresses all aspects of your health and fitness.

At Sportive Tricks, we recognize that personal training is not a one-size-fits-all service. Whether aiming to elevate your athletic performance or taking the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle, we offer a supportive, private environment tailored to your needs. In our private gym, it is always just you, Helen, and Jason, providing a personalized and focused training atmosphere. Our commitment is to guide you to optimal fitness with personal trainers who are as committed to your goals as you are. Welcome to a new chapter in your fitness journey with Sportive Tricks.

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Key Components of Personal Training

Bespoke Program

At Sportive Tricks there is no “one size fits all” approach. Jason and Helen create programs design...
Coaching Support
Coaching Support

Jason and Helen will be by your side through your fitness journey. Sportive Tricks offers a truly p...
Nutritional Guidance
Nutritional Guidance

As qualified sports nutrition coaches, Jason and Helen offer nutritional guidance tailored to your ...
Flexible and Convenient
Flexible and Convenient

At Sportive Tricks you do not need to fit in around normal gym opening times. Jason and Helen offer...
Digital Communication
Digital Communication

Sportive Tricks give all clients access to their app. Here you will find all your programs and an i...

Training with Jason or Helen means that you have an experienced and person-centred coach to keep yo...

Our Exclusive Private Gym

Training in our private gym at Sportive Tricks in Tonbridge offers a unique and superior experience to traditional gym settings. Firstly, the exclusivity of our facility means no more battling for equipment or feeling lost in the crowd. You receive the undivided attention of our elite personal trainers, Jason and Helen, in a setting solely focused on your workout, ensuring a more efficient and effective session every time.

Privacy is a significant advantage. Our gym eliminates the common 'gym anxiety' many experience in public facilities. This environment is particularly beneficial for those new to fitness or returning after a break, allowing you to train without self-consciousness or external pressure. The controlled environment is also ideal for focused injury rehabilitation and targeted training programs, catering to specific goals such as weight loss or strength building.

Sportive Tricks Custom App

The Mobile App That Supports You All The Way

Discover the transformative capabilities of our Sportive Tricks Coaching App, a pivotal asset in online personal training and personal training. Meticulously curated by a team of esteemed strength, conditioning, and sports nutrition experts, this app transcends the realm of tools—it stands as a dedicated companion on your journey towards peak fitness. It is tailored to align with your specific goals. It delivers personalized online personal training plans, invaluable nutritional guidance, and adaptive progress tracking that caters to your evolving needs. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast taking your initial steps into personal training or an accomplished athlete ascending new heights in your training pursuits, our app ensures a comprehensive and well-balanced approach to online personal training and personal training. Immerse yourself in a seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge, making your path to peak fitness efficient and gratifying.

Why Choose Our Online Personal Training and Personal Trainer App?

  • Expertise: Crafted by a team of distinguished strength and conditioning coaches, powerlifting authorities, and sports nutrition specialists based in England, our app embodies the pinnacle of fitness knowledge.
  • Personalization: We acknowledge that every fitness journey is unique. Our app customizes online personal training plans to align with your requirements, ensuring that your workouts and nutritional advice fit perfectly.
  • Efficiency: Achieve your fitness objectives with utmost efficiency through our app's precision. It adapts seamlessly as you progress, ensuring you consistently stay on the right path to online personal training and personal training success.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Whether your preference lies in online personal training or in-person personal training, our app offers a comprehensive approach to meet your diverse fitness needs.

Your Coaches

Jason Swalwell - Head Coach

Jason Swalwell

Head Coach

My coaching style is based around improving technique. Technique is everything as far as I am concerned, the ability to execute a movement pattern or skill under extreme pressure is the most important skill you can have at any level of sport.

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Helen Redhead - Coach

Helen Redhead


I am a people person and this is reflected in my coaching style. Whilst always striving for good technique and progression, I am aware of individual barriers and strengths. I work with and around these.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our gym is a 1-2-1 space which only you and your coach are in at any one time. We value all our clients and strive to create a completely non judgemental and supportive environment.
We tailor all our sessions to your individual abilities and specific goals. We have a well equipped gym that can cater to strength work, muscle gain, cardio and conditioning. Often a combination of these styles of training are used. Other times it is appropriate to focus more on one type of training which is necessary to get you to where you want to be.
We offer programs to do outside of your sessions with us in order to help you progress more quickly. We encourage you to feedback to us about how these sessions are going and to think of them as a continuation of your sessions with us.
We give all clients the use of our app. In here you will find your programs and sessions in an easily accessible format.
Yes. Once you are cleared by your health practitioner to exercise, we will adapt your training around your needs and abilities. The gym is accessible by a lift if necessary and has a free car park directly outside, making it suitable for those with mobility difficulties.
It’s never to late. We train all ages of clients and have a number who are 80 plus!

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Jason Swalwell

Head Coach
Tel: 07743 545807
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Helen Redhead

Tel: 07709 507676
Email: helen@sportivetricks.co
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