Powerlifting Coaching Services

Jason Swalwell -Powerlifting Coach

What is a Powerlifting Coach?

Are you embarking on your powerlifting journey? A vital ally to consider is a powerlifting coach.

  • Technique and Form Mastery: Central to powerlifting are the three pivotal lifts: squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. A powerlifting coach will be instrumental in refining your technique for these lifts. They can pinpoint areas for improvement, offering tailored drills and advice. The correct form ensures you can push your limits safely and efficiently.
  • Customized Training Programs: Not all training programs are created equal. An online powerlifting coach or an in-person mentor can devise a training routine explicitly tailored for you—aligning with your unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Such personalized attention can often lead to faster and more sustainable progress.
  • Building Mental Resilience: Powerlifting isn't just about physical strength; mental fortitude is equally crucial. A coach will guide you on maintaining focus, navigating competition jitters, and handling inevitable setbacks. This psychological support often differentiates between a good lift and a failed one.
  • Nutritional Guidance & Recovery: Every powerlifter knows that what happens outside the gym—nutrition and recovery—is as vital as the workouts themselves. Here, a powerlifting coach can provide invaluable advice, ensuring you fuel and recover optimally for peak performance.
  • Prepping for the Competitive Stage: A coach's insights become even more critical if competitions are on your horizon. They ensure you're poised and prepared to give your best, from weight class strategies to competition day tactics.

Whether you're considering an online powerlifting coach or prefer traditional face-to-face coaching, having expert guidance can significantly elevate your powerlifting journey.

Taking the M2 125kg British Title 2021

Powerlifting Coaching in Person / Online

60 minute one to one sessions tailored to your specific needs , it doesn't matter what level you are there are always things that we can improve on. Continual improvement in every facet of your skills is the goal, ongoing coaching give us the opportunity to work on every part of your lifting toolbox. Focus on training variables can be shifted between on and off season, allowing time to address weak points and further hone your strengths.

What's Included

Ongoing 1:1 Sessions

Sessions based around your current needs. Technique is the prime focus, is your lift the most efficient it can be? we will strive to improve everything we can from a technical perspective with your squat, bench and deadlift.

Full Training Programming

Development of your Long Term Athletic Plan as well as full programming of your Macro / Meso and Micro cycles

Competition Specific Coaching

Comprehensive coaching on what to expect on meet day, attempt selection, training with the speciality bars and much more.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching to improve your performance, providing you with the tools you need to build and maintain a healthy nutrition plan.

Dedicated App

Dedicated custom app, allowing you to take your programme anywhere you have your phone. Packed with features that are constantly being added to.


Ongoing support via WhatsApp chat , leave a message I will answer as quickly as I can (max 24hrs)

Intro to Powerlifting / Peaking To Platform

Powerlifting is seen by many as a simple continuation of their gym lifting, it's not, as with any sport you need to practice for the specific needs of that sport! Setting up for a maximum attempt on the platform is nothing like "having a go" in the gym.

A 12 week course introducing you to what it takes to get on platform. Ideal for people wanting to see what powerlifting is all about or for some want to prep into their meet.

What's Included

12 Weekly 1:1 Sessions

Specific coaching for your Squat, Bench and Deadlift. Helping get that total on the board as well as giving you all the tools you need to analyse and correct any problems you have when trainigng by yourself.

Full Programming

Bespoke program tailored to your specific needs, constantly monitored and adjusted based on feedback and schedule.

Competition Specific Coaching

Comprehensive coaching on what to expect on meet day, attempt selection, training with the speciality bars and much more.

Helen Redhead Qualifying for The A/BPU British Championships 2023